Wednesday, 8 April 2015

styling up sweatshirts

This look :  Sweatshirt - Gap ; Navy shift dress - Forever 21 ; Clutch Bag - River Island ;
                   Sunnies - Aldo ;  Shoes - YDE

I've never really worn sweatshirts much in my life, but somehow always owned them! I found them a bit too bulky - making me look shorter than i already am! and just never knew how to pair them up with anything other than leggings- so, After having them sit in my cupboard untouched I decided to try and find possible ways to try and "style up" a sweatshirt!

Recently I've been seeing a lot of pictures with baggy tops/ T's over simple cut shift dresses - adoring this trend I decided to try and pair up the good ol' sweatshirt with one of my new finds ( that i'm loving!) a navy blue shift dress ( forever 21) - I didn't really expect it to look anything close to appealing but went for it ( ehh why not ? )

So if you're like me - having a on and off relationship with a sweatshirt, or just want to try it out with something besides a trusty pair of leggings? give layering a shift dress a go!


  1. You look so cute! I absolutely adore that outfit ♥

  2. You are absolutely stunning! Great post :) x


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