Sunday, 26 April 2015

Outfit Of The Day

This Look:
Top: Forever 21
High waisted leggings: River Island
Denim Jacket: Cotton On
Boots: Cotton On
Bag: Accessorize 

( Now I know I usually do a quote of the week on a Sunday, but this week has really been a bit upside down :( and i hadn't blogged all week - very sorry about that <3- so I though i'd do a more "proper" little post for today! )

This is my look of the day - for a more causal , fun day out with friends!
When I go out on just general little day outs with my friends I don't always really like "dressing up" all that much I feel that it just becomes really uncomfortable so I just tend to ditch it completely!
We did quite a bit of walking around- which is why I opted for my newest addition to my wardrobe that i'm completely obsessed with  right now - my black ankle boots! These boots are honestly the most comfortable thing on the planet right now ( maybe not but they come really close!) and it's slightly heeled so, the height struggle is taken care of! 

I love denim, it's in almost every single one of my looks! I just find them so versatile and comfy- it's just my trustily little friend!
The last thing that's one of my all time staples in this look - are the high waisted leggings! these are probably the best pair of leggings I own ! for people who aren't a fan of showing the little tummy slip with crop tops or generally really short tops, like myself - these are your savior!

I hope you enjoy this look - It's not all too fancy at all, but I just liked how everything worked together and it just really suited the occasion!
If you have any wardrobe staples that I should try? feel free to lemme know! I'm all about trying new things.



  1. Ohmygosh, those ankle boots are to die for! I love ankle boots, I must have them! You look cool, so effortlessly cool.

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  2. I LOVE the boots! ^^
    Great look <3
    x Alona


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