Thursday, 16 April 2015

ASOS wishlist

For this post I though i'd try doing a wishlist! I always see these being done and i think they're a great way of showing off your style/ taste in a completely indirect way!

So as i mentioned before, I thought i'd give it a go and I hope you like these finds because i absolutely love them!

So this wishlist is a mixture of both festive and general pieces, now since the recent event of Coachella - everyone ( including myself seems to be in quite the festival, free spirit kinda mood!) - even if we didn't go, might as well pretend?

On this wishlist I have a loose red print playsuit and a flowy bohemian tassle dress - For me these two items are fun, flirty and really casual that can be dressed up for a fun event during the day , as well as being worn on a day to day basis! I'm really loving the boho look recently, I think it's quite an underrated style that's really fun to wear!

The blue plea coat is not really something i need but rather something i'd really love to have! I'm quite the coat/jacket collector because i think it can completely transform any look - from dressing it down to dressing it up! I love the color and cut of this coat and think it's really cute.

For the accessories -

  • I chose the Fadora hat in beige because i really love hats, they can be worn in both Summer and Winter and always add a little bit of a vintage feel to a look. 
  • The floral embedded sunnies i though were so cute! they're so different to any pair of specs i've ever had and I thought they'd be quite fun to wear, and add a little something different to my looks! 
  • The elephant choker- I love elephants! they're one of my favorite animals and I just loved this choker simply because of that! 
  • The bucket bag - it's a shape i don't have, and would really like to use it for some of my looks! and one can never have too many bags! 


  1. The sunglasses with the flowers are so cute


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much !

      glad you liked them <3 x


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