Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Top 5 Blogs

 For this post I thought i'd share a little bit of blogger love and tell you guys my top 5 blogs that I love to read. 
Each of these blogs inspire me and my blog posts - from their polished writing skills to undeniably great photography and, simply - overall quality content. 

No particular order, here are my top 5 : 

  • The Sunday Chapter [ ] 
This is one of my favorite lifestyle blogs! For recipes , fashion , beauty and general tips on life and even blogging. 
What's drawn me to TSC initially was the eye catching photography ( that i'm still trying to get the hang of! ) every time I visit this blog i instantly feel inspired, revitalized and refreshed! 

So if you're looking for refreshing and inspiring content and quality photos then 
The Sunday Chapter is definately something to look at!  

  • Essiebutton [ ]
Estée 's beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog will always have me leaving in good spirits! 
Her quirky and genuine approach is something that makes me come back as a frequent reader/ watcher ( youtube videos) 

Her product reviews are very relatable and of a trustworthy opinion  - as they're things we can all pick up at a drug store or any other convenient beauty/ makeup store. 

For anyone looking for  a fun, genuine and very relatable read/ watch - Essiebutton  should definitely be on your must see lists! 

  • In The Frow [ ] 
This is my favorite fashion blog so far! For trendy, fun and fresh looks! 

Victoria's insight into the fashion industry is remarkable for anyone interested in fashion - be it a major blogger, new blogger of someone just interested in fashion! 

Her PHD in mobile fashion app design and experience as a fashion lecturer at the University of Manchester-  contributes to the creativity and decisions behind each look/ post. 

For inspiration for what to wear , a day in the life or just want a good read? Then
In The Frow  is a must! 

  • Shades Of Danielle [ ] 
This is my favorite when it comes to products reviews and lifestyle choices! 

For great suggestions, tips and a genuine opinions on products, Shades of Danielle is a great blog to look at! 
Danielle's great photography and consist quality content- never fail to let keep my coming back as a frequent reader! 

  • Arnella Vanilla [ ] 
I love this blog for it's lifestyle - fitness content. 

I love keeping active and fit and this blog really helps me stay motivated to  maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

It concentrates on ( fitness and lifestyle aspect) - fitness, down time , staying active and products! 
If you're interested in trying ( i'm still trying! ) to stay motivated and read about appealing lifestyle topics then Arnella Vanilla  is a great blog to look at! 

These are my current top 5 blogs, I hope you enjoy them just as much at i do! 
If you have any favorite blogs or you feel yours may interest me ( it probably will)  - feel free to let me know i'd love to have a look at them! :) x 

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