Monday, 23 February 2015

Lush favs

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chocolate massage bar
cupcake face mask
popcorn lip- scrub 
 For this post i just wanted to share with you guys my favorite lush beauty products! 
I personally, love lush products because they are handmade products which suit almost any skin type. These are great, especially if you have really sensitive skin - like me, and can't find much to use because you just end up breaking out!! 

The chocolate massage bar is great for those relaxing pamper nights! the enriching bar melts at body temperature, turning to rich scented oil on your skin! The oils act as a great moisturizer- night or day and is one of my all time favorites.  

The cupcake fresh face mask is quite a popular one! This face mask is my favorite because it targets teenage skin ( spot galore!) The clay based face mask is a must, especially for sensitive- break out prone skin like mine! 

Lastly, the Popcorn lip scrub is just a fun item for when i'm bored in class ! but mainly before i apply my makeup! 
The lip scrub with it's popcorn flavor leaves lips plump and smooth and the perk? you get to lick it off! ( sounds gross but it's pretty darn good!) 

So there you have it ! My lush favs! 
If you have any staple favs feel free to let me know, i'd love to try them out! 

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  1. Chocolate massage bar?? I need that in my life! The popcorn scrub is amazing x

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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