Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Closed case

 Recently i've been away on a holiday, which is why i haven't been able to blog! and the one thing i battled with was getting my suitcase to close! Now i'm probably not the only one with this kinda situation, so I thought i'd tell you guys my packing tips to ensure i have everything that i need as well as those few pointless items that you've never worn/used before but still feel like you need them anyway! 

 I generally try and keep a consistent theme to my suitcase! I spend  most of my time on beaches when i go on holiday! so my suitcase is generally very beach orientated with a few glitzy items for dinners and night outs! 
When it comes to holidays I don't like wearing too much makeup! So I like to keep my  basics of powdered foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara and a good lippy! 
The one item i struggle with minimizing are shoes and bags , so that's where i compromise on other items! I will take every single pair of shoes i own! and try and stuff as many bags into each other as possible! ( just in case!) 

So there you have it! my packing tips! 

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