Friday, 26 December 2014

Vanessa Hudgens inspired makeup

To start of i just want to say that I hope everybody had a great holiday yesterday, with friends and family!
 Today's post is a makeup look that was inspired by Vanessa Hudgens! 
- I didn't want to contour my face as heavily as hers, but if you do then go ahead! 

In order of application

First i applied a layer of my M.A.C concealer ( shade NW30)  underneath my eyes, over any scars, blemishes etc...
I then applied a layer of M.A.C mineralize foundation ( shade NC30) over my have using the pink foundation brush from primark ( displayed above)
I prefer my foundation to look matte, but if you don't then don't worry about this step! I took a matter powder from Rimmel ( shade 001 transparent) and using the large black and cream brush displayed above ( I find it easier and much quicker using a bigger brush, you can use any size you like!) and lightly brushed it over my face.
Taking a bronzing powder from Rimmel (shade- 022 sun bronze ) i began to contour, lightly applying it to my forehead, underneath my cheekbones and under my chin. ( I prefer to contour using bronzer, if you have other products you prefer than thats fine too!)
Then to add to my contouring i used two M.A.C powders, the first one  i applied was a mineralized M.A.C skin finish powder ( shade- medium dark) and applied to the same areas that i applied the Rimmel bronzer.
Then taking a M.A.C mineralized Blush ( shade- Warm soul) and applied it to my cheekbones. I used the smaller dark brown blusher brush for both of these. ( These products are just my presence, if you have any personal fans feel free to use them! )
For my eyes i use the Avon eye shadow palette ( shade- mocha latte) i used all four shades, using the lightest one in the corner of my eyes, i blended the the two matte colors into the crease of my eye and then to finish added the darker shimmer brown on the outer end of my eye.
I then took a black eye pencil and lined both, top and bottom lash lines with it.
To finish of my eye, i added Maybelline rocket volume express mascara, i prefer thick long lashes, but if you prefer a much lighter, clump free look then that's fine too!
For my lips, i didn't have a deep plum/ purple lipstick, usually i take an eyeshadow and mix it with vaseline to create a color if i don't have it ( but i had none left!) so instead i blended together a red M.A.C lipstick and a turqoiuse eye liner to create the color purpler and then finishing it off with a shimmer lipgloss by Avon. ( This is why my lips aren't as dark as hers!) 

That's my Vanessa Hudgens inspired Makeup look ! 

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