Monday, 22 December 2014

Lily Collins inspired looks

 Lily Collins, for me, is a fashion icon. I'm in love with her elegance and sophistication as well as her ability to make anything look good! 
I specifically chose these two styles, in hopes that they would look just as nice as hers do! ( If not, well.. lets just pretend then, yeah?) because i love how casual and simple they are.

look 1                                   look 2

Two toned grey knit          Print Kimono
Black opaque stockings    Black tank top
Black ankle boots               Dark blue denim jeans
Brown and black                 Brown and black handbag

Being inspired from the two Lily Collins looks above, i found that these looks are so versatile and easy to wear. 

In my first look, I decided to go with a grey knit top paired with stockings, ankle boots and a handbag, this being so simple. 

This look is great for winter, a loose knit top is always great so that you can layer it up accordingly! 

In my second look, I chose to keep my jeans and top basic in color and style because I personally just prefer one feature item instead of too many overdone/busy pieces! 

This is an incredibly versatile look, for both summer and winter! 
I personally prefer this specific look for summer simply because i find kimono's very fun, light and flirty. 

These items are personally, cupboard essentials!  They are so versatile, as they can be paired with almost anything! 

Two looks inspired by Lily Collins, that are simple, easy and fun! 

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