Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gym for foodies

- No these are not potatoes! ;)

Today i was at the gym for no more than a hour and let's just say i almost died. Usually I'm a huge fan of keeping fit! but i hadn't worked out for about a month and well, let's just say that after 15 minutes ? i was ready to ditch the machines and head out for my much anticipated breakfast!

This was where i rekindled with an old love. 
The restaurant down the road. 

Now, not leaving the fitness behind completely, I took a quick walk and did a couple of in seat exercises to keep myself busy as i waited for my order! 

Indulging in the simple pleasures is what it's all about! Although cinnamon sugar pops aren't exactly " simple " they definitely are a pleasure.
Don't ever think twice about spoiling yourself , especially once you're on holiday the way I am! For those of you who are battling with runny noses and are snuggled up in wooly hats and scarves because it's crazy cold? Then hot Chocolate with marshmallows will do just the trick!

Lets just say that i hope i'm not the only person with this gym lifestyle!

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