Saturday, 20 December 2014

Comfortably chic

 This look: 

black pleated shorts 
navy blue and white striped cap sleeved top 
navy blue knit cardigan 
rose pink snood 
messenger satchel 

This look is incredibly versatile, changing it from summer to winter, by just throwing on a pair of stockings and a cardigan. 

I find this look very easy to work with, you can layer it for more chilly days or leave it completely bare in the summer and it still manages to look good. 

I prefer to buy tops with prints on them so that i don't have to accessorize a lot, i'm not much of a fan of jewelry so i chose to leave it out, but feel free to add on/ take off whatever you like. 
Prints are usually quite bold and, in my opinion, should be the "feature" item in your outfit, I was going for a more casual look, keeping the striped top as the feature item, and chose to pair it up with much more casual items such as a knit cardigan and not using an jewelry. 

The only type of accessory i'm crazed about are bags, they are my all time fav! 
I chose to pair a coral and white satchel as i thought the pop of color in the coral complimented the navy blue of the cardigan. Again wanting to keep this look casual, I chose a much simpler bag in terms of style and size. 

Personally, I don't wear outfits that i feel uncomfortable in, simpley because i tend to get consumed in fixing up or fidgeting with my clothes and don't end up having as much fun. 
Just try and find pieces that you're more comfortable in because, as cliché as this is, having a good time is just as important! Don't waste time worrying about your outfit! 

This look being completely simple, easy and comfortable is great for a more casual day/night. 


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