Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas inspired makeup

This is my christmas inspired makeup look, I prefer this look for evening/ night events but during the day is just as good! 

In order of application:

1. I used a M.A.C concealer ( shade NW30) underneath my eyes, along my nose and over any blemishes, pimples and scars. ( i usually use my finger to blend along the eye area, i find it a lot more effective.)
2. Once my canceler had been blended in i then applied a M.A.C foundation (shade NC30)  By applying small amounts to my cheeks, forehead and chin and blended it, using a foundation brush ( white and brown brush displayed above)
3. I prefer my makeup matte, but if you don't, then don't worry about this step! using Rimmel Stay Matte ( shade - transparent 001) I lightly brushed it along my face to complete the "matte" look. I used the black and cream brush displayed above, from the vintage company, because it's a lot quicker using a bigger brush!
4. Using M.A.C mineralized skinfinish ( shade medium dark) as an acting bronzer i contoured my cheeks, nose and forehead. don't use too much of this, i prefer to add gradually to prevent putting on too much, but if you have your own techniques feel free to use them! For this i used the larger dark brown blusher brush.
5. I added M.A.C mineralize blush ( shadE - warm soul) to my cheeks, sucking in my cheeks and dragging my brush just underneath my cheekbones. Again using the  larger dark brown brush that's displayed above.
5. Using Avon eye shadow palette ( shade- mocha latte) which is the shade in the top left hand corner ( palette on the left hand side) i covered my eye lid lightly, reaching the crease of my eye. using the black brush displayed above from avon. Following this I used a darker shade(
 color on the bottom left corner  of the palette on the left hand side.) A
pplying it to the crease of my eye and the outer corner of my eye.)
 I then used a white eye shadow (from the avon palette smokey eyes.) from the palette on the right hand side, this was used in the corner of eyes and was applied using my index finger. You can also use a brush but i just prefer my finger for more control.
6.  Using a liquid eyeliner from Rimmel ( shade 003) I create a winged eye. For this i prefer liquid eye liner as i find it easier to control, but if you have a pencil or paste that you prefer it will work just as well. I prefer mine quite thin but feel free to make it as thick or thin as you like.
7. I applied a thick coat of mascara by Maybeline ( Rocket volume express) i prefer my lashes to be really thick and long, but if you prefer a more clump free lighter look then just apply a thinner coat.
8 To end of this look i added a really vibrant red lipstick from M.A.C ( Red in shade 13) now i'm not a fan of red lipstick so i didn't want it to be very glossy as i thought the color was loud enough, ( if you prefer glossy to matte then don't worry about this) i took my Stay Matte powered from Rimmel ( shade- transparent 001) and, using the smaller dark brown blush brush i applied it to my lips. You can add until satisfied.
9. To finish off i took my M.A.C conceler ( shade NW30) and touched around my lip area from any red. 

And voila there you have it.
A christmas inspired makeup look!


  1. Love your christmas inspired look!

  2. Super adorable! Your blog is so cute I had to follow 😊 please check out mine when you have the chance


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