Saturday, 27 December 2014

Casual day out

 Today's look: 
Black knit cardigan 
b&w striped high neck crop top 
Blue textured high waisted shorts 
Black leggings 
Brown Ankle boots 

Today I spent the day with a few friends, i chose this look because i love how the pieces complement each other, in terms of pattern, texture and color! 

For a reason unknown, I'm a little obsessed with wearing shorts over stockings/ leggings. Today wasn't too cold so i decided against the stockings! 

Usually i would accessorize this a bit more, but i thought that the patterns and colors were already a bit loud! 
 This is a great look for both summer and winter! 
Just add a pair of stockings and a few under layers and maybe a scarf and you're good to go! 
Personally i would wear this look with a good pair of leggings in the summer! I think it makes the outfit a bit more interesting and gives you a bit more to play around with! 
I do love simple outfits, but one thing i love more than that are prints! 
Prints are great, especially if you're like me and prefer a more casual, simple style.
It adds a fun element to your outfit, stands out and can still be dressed down! 


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