Monday, 29 December 2014

Something old, Something new

 This look: 
Collared cotton shirt ( Mr. Price)
Black leggings ( Top shop)
Brown leather shoes ( Aldo)
leather handbag ( Accessorize)
Sunglasses ( Aldo)
 I'm loving all things vintage right now! I find it gives so much more depth to an outfit and i find it very edgy. Collared shirts are one of my favs right now! They, personally, are a must have for a vintage collection. I find them really fun and flirty but can still have a "high fashion" quality to it! 

This is my adaptation of modern vintage.  I decided to name this look " modern vintage" because I chose to take separate items that, for me, have a vintage edge/ look to it and put it together with some more modern pieces! 
This look is easy to adapt to, and can be changed accordingly! 
I generally like to keep a consistent color scheme, which is why i stuck to black and brown for this look, but if you prefer to play with more colors/ patterns/ styles etc.. than feel free! 
This look is not only putting a "modern" twist to vintage pieces, but it's also really great for most days, this is a more dressed down, casual version , but it can be easily accessorized and transformed from day to night! 

One of my absolute favs! I think "modern vintage" is something I should try more often! 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Casual day out

 Today's look: 
Black knit cardigan 
b&w striped high neck crop top 
Blue textured high waisted shorts 
Black leggings 
Brown Ankle boots 

Today I spent the day with a few friends, i chose this look because i love how the pieces complement each other, in terms of pattern, texture and color! 

For a reason unknown, I'm a little obsessed with wearing shorts over stockings/ leggings. Today wasn't too cold so i decided against the stockings! 

Usually i would accessorize this a bit more, but i thought that the patterns and colors were already a bit loud! 
 This is a great look for both summer and winter! 
Just add a pair of stockings and a few under layers and maybe a scarf and you're good to go! 
Personally i would wear this look with a good pair of leggings in the summer! I think it makes the outfit a bit more interesting and gives you a bit more to play around with! 
I do love simple outfits, but one thing i love more than that are prints! 
Prints are great, especially if you're like me and prefer a more casual, simple style.
It adds a fun element to your outfit, stands out and can still be dressed down! 

Friday, 26 December 2014

Vanessa Hudgens inspired makeup

To start of i just want to say that I hope everybody had a great holiday yesterday, with friends and family!
 Today's post is a makeup look that was inspired by Vanessa Hudgens! 
- I didn't want to contour my face as heavily as hers, but if you do then go ahead! 

In order of application

First i applied a layer of my M.A.C concealer ( shade NW30)  underneath my eyes, over any scars, blemishes etc...
I then applied a layer of M.A.C mineralize foundation ( shade NC30) over my have using the pink foundation brush from primark ( displayed above)
I prefer my foundation to look matte, but if you don't then don't worry about this step! I took a matter powder from Rimmel ( shade 001 transparent) and using the large black and cream brush displayed above ( I find it easier and much quicker using a bigger brush, you can use any size you like!) and lightly brushed it over my face.
Taking a bronzing powder from Rimmel (shade- 022 sun bronze ) i began to contour, lightly applying it to my forehead, underneath my cheekbones and under my chin. ( I prefer to contour using bronzer, if you have other products you prefer than thats fine too!)
Then to add to my contouring i used two M.A.C powders, the first one  i applied was a mineralized M.A.C skin finish powder ( shade- medium dark) and applied to the same areas that i applied the Rimmel bronzer.
Then taking a M.A.C mineralized Blush ( shade- Warm soul) and applied it to my cheekbones. I used the smaller dark brown blusher brush for both of these. ( These products are just my presence, if you have any personal fans feel free to use them! )
For my eyes i use the Avon eye shadow palette ( shade- mocha latte) i used all four shades, using the lightest one in the corner of my eyes, i blended the the two matte colors into the crease of my eye and then to finish added the darker shimmer brown on the outer end of my eye.
I then took a black eye pencil and lined both, top and bottom lash lines with it.
To finish of my eye, i added Maybelline rocket volume express mascara, i prefer thick long lashes, but if you prefer a much lighter, clump free look then that's fine too!
For my lips, i didn't have a deep plum/ purple lipstick, usually i take an eyeshadow and mix it with vaseline to create a color if i don't have it ( but i had none left!) so instead i blended together a red M.A.C lipstick and a turqoiuse eye liner to create the color purpler and then finishing it off with a shimmer lipgloss by Avon. ( This is why my lips aren't as dark as hers!) 

That's my Vanessa Hudgens inspired Makeup look ! 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

One with a million

This look : 
Black high neck crop top 
Navy and red plaid shirt 
Denim boyfriend jeans 

 One outfit, many styles. 

Here i have put together three different outfits using the exact same pieces (excluding the bags!) 
Whenever I go shopping i always think of the versatility of the item, some of the questions i ask myself are: 

Am i able to layer it? 
Am i able to pair it with more than just one outfit? 
Is it comfortable? 
Does the style suit me? 

For me, these are really important to know, in order to make the most out of your clothes! 
Layering always makes things more interesting, combining different textures, colors and styles to work in unison. Layering is loads of fun! and for me, personally, makes an outfit a lot more interesting! ( in a good way !) 

The versatility of that item is crucial, personally, as i always want to explore different styles and try different looks. If i can wear a shirt with more than just the same pair of jeans? i'll treasure it forever! ( or until the color fades, and i'm forced to toss it!) 
Knowing if a style suits you is so important! everything doesn't suit everyone! 
It kills me countless times where i walk into a store, love an item and as soon as i try it on? well lets just say i don't always make the cut!  
So find a style that suits you and, if you know it doesn't, no matter how much it kills? leave it behind! 

- And that's how i pair the same items into different outfits! 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Lily Collins inspired looks

 Lily Collins, for me, is a fashion icon. I'm in love with her elegance and sophistication as well as her ability to make anything look good! 
I specifically chose these two styles, in hopes that they would look just as nice as hers do! ( If not, well.. lets just pretend then, yeah?) because i love how casual and simple they are.

look 1                                   look 2

Two toned grey knit          Print Kimono
Black opaque stockings    Black tank top
Black ankle boots               Dark blue denim jeans
Brown and black                 Brown and black handbag

Being inspired from the two Lily Collins looks above, i found that these looks are so versatile and easy to wear. 

In my first look, I decided to go with a grey knit top paired with stockings, ankle boots and a handbag, this being so simple. 

This look is great for winter, a loose knit top is always great so that you can layer it up accordingly! 

In my second look, I chose to keep my jeans and top basic in color and style because I personally just prefer one feature item instead of too many overdone/busy pieces! 

This is an incredibly versatile look, for both summer and winter! 
I personally prefer this specific look for summer simply because i find kimono's very fun, light and flirty. 

These items are personally, cupboard essentials!  They are so versatile, as they can be paired with almost anything! 

Two looks inspired by Lily Collins, that are simple, easy and fun! 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Nature's best friend

 Today's look:
Black leggings 
black tank top 
red and navy plaid shirt 
light pink tote 

 Picnicking! Today i had a little outdoorsy feeling! Now i'm not a nature person! Bugs and insects aren't exactly my kinda thing! 

But, today being quite a hot day, i couldn't let it go to waste by being the usual couch potato!
A little rekindling with family and stuffing my face with all sorts of things, it ended out being a really good day! 

I chose to wear this specific outfit because well, it's a park and who really wants to go all out? 
Getting a couple grass stains here and there and, if you're like me? end up spilling something all over yourself. 

I always  prefer simplicity over an over done/ really busy outfit and in this case, i don't think i could've gotten any simpler! 

Leggings , a plaid shirt, good old flat shoe and messy bun is always a good choice for outdoor events. 
A good day, comfortable outfit and great company, maybe this is something i could get use to! 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Comfortably chic

 This look: 

black pleated shorts 
navy blue and white striped cap sleeved top 
navy blue knit cardigan 
rose pink snood 
messenger satchel 

This look is incredibly versatile, changing it from summer to winter, by just throwing on a pair of stockings and a cardigan. 

I find this look very easy to work with, you can layer it for more chilly days or leave it completely bare in the summer and it still manages to look good. 

I prefer to buy tops with prints on them so that i don't have to accessorize a lot, i'm not much of a fan of jewelry so i chose to leave it out, but feel free to add on/ take off whatever you like. 
Prints are usually quite bold and, in my opinion, should be the "feature" item in your outfit, I was going for a more casual look, keeping the striped top as the feature item, and chose to pair it up with much more casual items such as a knit cardigan and not using an jewelry. 

The only type of accessory i'm crazed about are bags, they are my all time fav! 
I chose to pair a coral and white satchel as i thought the pop of color in the coral complimented the navy blue of the cardigan. Again wanting to keep this look casual, I chose a much simpler bag in terms of style and size. 

Personally, I don't wear outfits that i feel uncomfortable in, simpley because i tend to get consumed in fixing up or fidgeting with my clothes and don't end up having as much fun. 
Just try and find pieces that you're more comfortable in because, as cliché as this is, having a good time is just as important! Don't waste time worrying about your outfit! 

This look being completely simple, easy and comfortable is great for a more casual day/night. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas inspired makeup

This is my christmas inspired makeup look, I prefer this look for evening/ night events but during the day is just as good! 

In order of application:

1. I used a M.A.C concealer ( shade NW30) underneath my eyes, along my nose and over any blemishes, pimples and scars. ( i usually use my finger to blend along the eye area, i find it a lot more effective.)
2. Once my canceler had been blended in i then applied a M.A.C foundation (shade NC30)  By applying small amounts to my cheeks, forehead and chin and blended it, using a foundation brush ( white and brown brush displayed above)
3. I prefer my makeup matte, but if you don't, then don't worry about this step! using Rimmel Stay Matte ( shade - transparent 001) I lightly brushed it along my face to complete the "matte" look. I used the black and cream brush displayed above, from the vintage company, because it's a lot quicker using a bigger brush!
4. Using M.A.C mineralized skinfinish ( shade medium dark) as an acting bronzer i contoured my cheeks, nose and forehead. don't use too much of this, i prefer to add gradually to prevent putting on too much, but if you have your own techniques feel free to use them! For this i used the larger dark brown blusher brush.
5. I added M.A.C mineralize blush ( shadE - warm soul) to my cheeks, sucking in my cheeks and dragging my brush just underneath my cheekbones. Again using the  larger dark brown brush that's displayed above.
5. Using Avon eye shadow palette ( shade- mocha latte) which is the shade in the top left hand corner ( palette on the left hand side) i covered my eye lid lightly, reaching the crease of my eye. using the black brush displayed above from avon. Following this I used a darker shade(
 color on the bottom left corner  of the palette on the left hand side.) A
pplying it to the crease of my eye and the outer corner of my eye.)
 I then used a white eye shadow (from the avon palette smokey eyes.) from the palette on the right hand side, this was used in the corner of eyes and was applied using my index finger. You can also use a brush but i just prefer my finger for more control.
6.  Using a liquid eyeliner from Rimmel ( shade 003) I create a winged eye. For this i prefer liquid eye liner as i find it easier to control, but if you have a pencil or paste that you prefer it will work just as well. I prefer mine quite thin but feel free to make it as thick or thin as you like.
7. I applied a thick coat of mascara by Maybeline ( Rocket volume express) i prefer my lashes to be really thick and long, but if you prefer a more clump free lighter look then just apply a thinner coat.
8 To end of this look i added a really vibrant red lipstick from M.A.C ( Red in shade 13) now i'm not a fan of red lipstick so i didn't want it to be very glossy as i thought the color was loud enough, ( if you prefer glossy to matte then don't worry about this) i took my Stay Matte powered from Rimmel ( shade- transparent 001) and, using the smaller dark brown blush brush i applied it to my lips. You can add until satisfied.
9. To finish off i took my M.A.C conceler ( shade NW30) and touched around my lip area from any red. 

And voila there you have it.
A christmas inspired makeup look!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gym for foodies

- No these are not potatoes! ;)

Today i was at the gym for no more than a hour and let's just say i almost died. Usually I'm a huge fan of keeping fit! but i hadn't worked out for about a month and well, let's just say that after 15 minutes ? i was ready to ditch the machines and head out for my much anticipated breakfast!

This was where i rekindled with an old love. 
The restaurant down the road. 

Now, not leaving the fitness behind completely, I took a quick walk and did a couple of in seat exercises to keep myself busy as i waited for my order! 

Indulging in the simple pleasures is what it's all about! Although cinnamon sugar pops aren't exactly " simple " they definitely are a pleasure.
Don't ever think twice about spoiling yourself , especially once you're on holiday the way I am! For those of you who are battling with runny noses and are snuggled up in wooly hats and scarves because it's crazy cold? Then hot Chocolate with marshmallows will do just the trick!

Lets just say that i hope i'm not the only person with this gym lifestyle!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day with my Boyfriend

Today's look: 

Jeffrey Campbell inspired ankle boots 
Boyfriend cut jeans from Zara 
Navy blue knit cardigan 
High neck striped crop top 

Personally I find this look casual with a slight edge. I'm a huge fan of boyfriend jeans, they are my absolute favorite! being incredibly versitle and super comfy! 

Where I am currently it's summer, on slightly chilly, overcast days like today a light knit cardigan is always a goody! 

I tried keeping this look as subtle as possible, i chose not to put any accessories solely because i found the high neck striped crop top loud enough but that's just my personal opinion! feel free to accessorize as much you'd like. 

To end of this look i paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell inspired ankle boots. I love these boots, they are one of my personal favs! Being super comfy and adding an edge to my look. 

Simple, easy and comfy. This look is an all time fav of mine! 
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